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Oh Hey Lovers!

hang around if....

Your love is truly authentic

you're oozing chemistry & personality

you value honesty & compassion

you love animals (who doesn't?)

you believe love is love, yay marriage equality!

you want to have fun on your wedding day

you'd rather be outdoors than in front of the tv

you love basically all music, 80's included

you like to party!

you're happy to get wet if it rains

you love spontaneous road trips just to get a good lunch!

you wont judge me for liking moscato


That's me


Some Stuff About Me

i won't bore you with too much dribble about myself, because honestly, i'm more interested to get to know the two of you! but hey, here i go!

i'm officially on my 25th lap around the sun having just turned 24 in October! So yep, that makes me a libra and just like a true libra, i thrive off balance which basically consists on getting the work/play ratio spot on!

i have like, 101 pets and i'm a die hard animal lover.
 don't get me started talking about my babies because i will not shut up haha.

i adore my partner of almost 7 years. nope we're not married yet. i'm still stealing ideas from all the epic weddings i shoot!

i've lived in the south west of western australia my whole life and i don't plan on going anywhere!

i've been shooting for nearly 8 years and i'm still falling even more in love with photography, which i didn't think was possible.

i play competitive netball and love watching the footy with a cider and 6 different cheeses + crackers

oh, I also love food, i'm a vego, but give me all the foods.

I'm a country girl who really does enjoy the simple pleasures in life

Want To See Some Photos?


Your Wedding Photography Experience

believe it or not... it's not all about amazing photos of your day, weird hey?

but seriously, your photographer is going to be with you for pretty much your entire wedding day, so your experience is just as important than the images themselves. you don't want to think back to your day and remember nothing but the a**hole photographer who got on your every single last nerve. i basically want to make sure we gel, so that we all have a wicked time. your photos will totally reflect the true feels of the day so this is super important to me. so that's why i definitely want to catch up to meet you guys, or if we're 100 miles apart, a phone call or skype so we can connect.


you'll feel super, totally organised with the little photography plan we will write. I've been photographing weddings long enough now to basically double up as a wedding planner so hit me up with all your planning questions!

a bit about my style. i adore those raw, honest moments and candid captures (we will get loads of those!)
i also love to style and compose shots with some more posing and guidance. i know you guys want to look amaze in your photos, and i can absolutely help + guide you with poses that look natural and comfortable.

a lot of people tell me my posed shots look super candid and that's exactly how a good posed shot should look!


you'll get this super cute, personalised, wooden keepsake box containing your usb.


you'll also get to totally chill on your wedding day because I'll have everything 'photography' under control.
we will laugh, throw banter, play games, listen to music and you guys will have super gorgeous + intimate moments that i'll shoot the crap out of because they are my fave! 


if you're vibing off my vibes, we should chat!


wedding photography starts from $2650 for 5 hours + images on usb

engagement portraits from $400 + images on usb

get in touch for the full price list deets


Frequently Asked Questions

Get In Touch 


so now you know a bit about me, my work and what you can expect hanging out with me on your wedding day.

if you're feeling like we would gel, you love my photos, you want to check out the packages and catch up
then fill out this little thingo below and lets chat!