Hybrid  Newborn Session

When your little one arrives, your whole world will change. 

Time will go by far too fast as you watch your beautiful baby grow. You'r baby will only be tiny enough to fit in your hands once, and only for a short time.

Capture this moment to treasure for a lifetime. Every beautiful feature and tiny detail kept safe forever.

about the experience

The ideal time for newborn photography is when the baby is between 7 and 14 days old. 

to make sure we photograph bub in this small 2 week window, it is essential that bookings are made whilst you're pregnant.


The micro studio session

will take approximately 1 hour at my home based studio in Brunswick, WA (15 minutes from australind)

Baby will be wrapped for the duration of the micro session to ensure bub is happy and comfortable.
This session is baby only and does not include sibling or parent photos.

photos of bub during this session will be posed and styled.

micro studio session Includes 5 images


The mini LIFEstyle session

will take approximately 1 hour in the comfort of your home.
travel fee to your home is included if within the greater bunbury area (harvey to capel)

please let me know if you live beyond this area and i can let you know the travel cost.

sibling and parent photos are taken during this session in a candid, natural style.


mini lifestyle session Includes 10 images

On The Day

Upon booking, you'll receive a guide with a list of advice on how to best prepare for your sessions.


The Micro Studio Session

WHEN you arrive, bub should be nice and full after a big feed and burp and usually pretty sleepy from the drive.

The studio will be starting to warm up (this is so baby is nice and comfortable when we get them nudie)

there will be white noise and/or music playing to help bay sleep.

now you guys can relax! this is when it's all about your babe and parents can sit back, watch and enjoy the experience. ​I will generally settle bub myself but will absolutely hand over to parents when they need a mummy/daddy cuddle! I am practised in newborn safety and know how to handle and pose your newborn safely. I'm also super clucky and a natural with babies and kids!


After each session I always have a basket or two of washing, so please don’t worry if bub has accidents on the blankets.


The Mini Lifestyle Session
after the micro studio session, i'll give you guys an hour or two head start to get home, have something to eat, pop the heater on for bub and have a bit of a breather before the lifestyle session. 


when i arrive i will scope out the best room to take images in based on lighting and set up/decor.

the style of this session is candid and natural, however, I'll definitely guide you into a position with good lighting and angles and then let you guys do the rest with snuggles, kisses and love.


this session will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.


As the studio space is quite small I unfortunately cannot accomodate children for the micro studio session. It is also important that we have a calm and relaxing environment for baby and the studio is a challenging place for toddlers/children. please organise for siblings to be at home to rest before the mini lifestyle session.

Image Selection & Extra Images

as these sessions are micro and mini, i'll provide you with a gallery of images from each session

for you to choose the included 5 (from the micro studio session) and 10 (from the mini lifestyle session)

if you love more photos, you'll have the option to purchase additional images if you choose.

Things That Are Important To Me
the photographer

- Newborn safety + comfort

- parents feeling relaxed and at ease

- beautiful, timeless imagery of your baby!


    baby only - 1 hour - 6 images
    wrapped poses + styling

    parent & sibling - 45 minutes - 
    15 images


For babies due

in Jan & Feb


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