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Your Prep Guide

We are celebrating YOU!




You will receive an email that contains a link to both your invoice and



You will be emailed an invoice for the full amount of your session to be paid within 12 hours.


You'll receive an E-Contract that is required to be signed online within 12 hours.

Your CONTRACT and INVOICE is all contained in the one link that you'll receive in the email. Please check your junk/spam folder it it's not in your inbox.



As this is a promotional session for Mother's Day, I intend on delivering your proofing gallery within 4.5 weeks of the session date in time for Mother's day. 


Please note, I do not post or deliver sneak peeks for any type of Mini Session due to the limited number of image inclusions. 




The time of your session can be found in the booking confirmation email the contained the link to this prep guide.

PLEASE make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes early so that we can start your session on time. 

As these mini sessions are booked back to back, if you are running late, your session will still conclude at the end of the booked time slot and cannot be extended.

If I am still with the client from the session before yours, please wait outside the front door, in the seating area and I will come and get you as soon as I can. 


Maker & Co. 
75 Victoria St, Bunbury WA 6230


There is not parking on site at Maker & Co.

Please use the public parking in the area.


You must sign in when you arrive at Maker & Co. Using the Safe WA app.

Please arrive wearing a mask which you can remove whilst you are being photographed. 


These sessions are  for mother and one child only or a solo mother. 

Please note, no other children or adults may attend the session/studio at all. Only the mother and child being photographed may attend for the session. 


Please ensure you and your child are completely ready to start shooting when you arrive with the exception being if you intend of using one of my client wardrobe pieces.

This way we can make sure we get the most from your 30 minute session time. 


Photoshoots can definitely be challenging for young children.
There are a few things you can do to help prepare your child for the session to ensure it runs smoothly.


  1. Try to get them down for a sleep prior to your session if they are at an age they would benefit from one, or at the very least, let them rest before the session. Avoid over stimulating them and wearing them out. Throw on a movie and let them chill out and/or ideally, sleep.

  2. Make sure they have been fed just before leaving home and make sure you pack snacks and water for them at the session. (only bring out snacks at the session if ABSOLUTELY necessary)

  3. Try not to give them things you'll have to "take off them" for photos. If they have a special toy or stuffed animal or even food that they are likely to cling to. Make sure you get this off them early so we avoid meltdowns at the session.

  4. Tell them we are going for photos and it's going to be FUN! Make it a positive experience for them.

  5. If they are asleep when you arrive to the location. Please gently wake them up. It generally takes kids 20 minutes or so to fully wake up and get out of that 'sleepy grumpy mood'. Especially if they wake up in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar face (me). The exception to this is if you are bringing a newborn, they can stay asleep.

  6. Don't tell you kids off at the session or raise your voice. If everyone is happy and has a positive energy the kids are more likely to as well.


Choosing complimenting, beautiful colours and textures can really add so much to the final look of your gallery.

I love the way earthy and neutral colours look to photograph. Specifically neutrals for the natural light studio.

I would recommend sticking to brown, beige, taupe and cream. Please avoid white or any dark colours (black/navy etc)

I'm more drawn to solid coloured items with texture/detail as opposed to patterns which I often find distracting.

If you're stuck and would like to chat about what might work from my client wardrobe, please email me and let me know. For your child, Big W, Target, Kmart and Best & Less always have beautiful items that match the above criteria and I'm happy to give you my opinion if you'd like to send me options.


For these specific sessions, we are going for a more intimate, emotive overall feel.

There are some things you can do to help achieve this and it helps to have a think before the session about some things you can do and ways you can interact with your child.

The less I need to talk and instruct you, the more comfortable your child will feel. I will of course give you direction so please don't stress. It is just really beneficial to have some of the following things up your sleeve and in the forefront of your mind before we start.



Make the most of your kids being kids and wanting to cuddle up in your arms. Here are some things to consider trying at your session.

  1. Back tickles.

  2. Holding their head to your chest.

  3. Soft whispers and lullabies.

  4. This little piggy (softly whisper & gentle movements)

  5. Round & Round The Garden (softly whisper & gentle movement

  6. Humming and slowly swaying

  7. Tell a 'bed time story' in a gentle, sooting way

Our energy as the adults in the room make a big impact on how your child will respond.

Things like slowing down our speech and softening our voice and words make a massive difference. 

Please remember we are NOT aiming for looking at the camera, smiling photos.

If you to naturally share some smiles that's great! But we aren't going to hype up the energy in the room to force it as it will disrupt the beautiful intimate space/energy we have created. 


  • There are 5 images included in the session package

  • You will choose the included 5 images from a gallery of proofing images

  • You are welcome to purchase additional images at the pricing below



  • Single Images - $50 per image

  • Pack of 5 additional images - $200

  • Pack of 10 Additional Images - $350

  • Pack of 15 Additional Images - $450

  • Pack of 20 Additional Images - $550

  • Entire Gallery - $650


* The total number of images in the proofing gallery varies

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