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authentic connections - milestones - honest moments - lovers - golden light - newborn toes - precious details

celebrations - toddler tickles - family snuggles - shoulder rides - quiet words - eskimo kisses - scrunched up noses

uncontrollable laughing - dizzy wizzys - watching sunsets - breathing in - back tickles - being still

Capture a Moment


The Artist.

Lauren Couanon

Full time, passionate photographer and business owner.

I can truly, honestly say, I LOVE that I get to do this, full time, as my career.

I never thought I'd be so lucky to get to do something I love this much and am so incredibly passionate about, every single day.

Capturing connection is such a beautiful thing that we, in our modern world, take for granted. A moment frozen in time that can never be re-lived or re-created. This is what drives me. Being able to gift families with priceless memories that show the true love they share for one another.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Although I've been shooting for almost ten years now, I didn't feel like an 'artist' until quite recently. I've been working on a lot of personal projects and that has really opened up a whole new world of creativity.

I've been able to explore, play and experiment in wonderful and weird ways to create imagery that really makes you feel something. Bringing what I learn from my personal projects into my portrait work has really allowed me to find my style my true passion for creating artwork for my clients.


A little more about me on a personal level...

I've been lucky to call the South West home my whole life. I live in a small country town and I really do enjoy the simple pleasures that our little corner of the world has to offer. I could spend hours walking through a forest or sitting by a lake and listening to the quietness of the universe.

I’m a die-hard animal lover. I live for my many fur babies and all the wonderful creatures that walk this earth. My vegetarianism comes from my intense love for life.

I love art. Honestly, thats as narrow as I can make it. I want to fill my life with artwork that makes me feel something. Music, paintings, performances, sculptures, tattoos anything and everything!

The Connection


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